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My obsession with dogs started when I was 7 years old. My father was taking care of a litter of one week old German Shorthair Pointer puppies and their mother for another family whilst they were on holiday. During this time my sister and I helped out by cleaning and playing with the pups and their mum so naturally we became very attached to them and couldn’t imagine our lives without dogs....Read More

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I was impressed at how quickly and accurately Sidney recognised the nature of each of my two dogs when I enrolled them in his Snake Safe Program. He basically had them summed up before we even entered his training building….and he was spot on. He tailored everything to suit their individual temperaments, resulting in different sessions for each dog but the same outcome at the end. His passion for and knowledge of dog training shone through and I’d have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who needs help training their dog.

In October 2015 we became proud owners of a beautiful rescue dog named Marley, a 4 yr old Rhodesian x Bull Arab. Unfortunately, Marley had a tough first 4 years of life and was very fear reactive around other dogs. We tried to go it alone with Marley's training and quickly found we did not have the skill to change the behaviour. Her personal space for other dogs was about 20 meters, anything closer than that would result in hackles, magnet-like pulling towards the other dog and absolute focus, that not even a ball or food treats could break. At 40 kg that was a lot to deal with!

Enter Sidney Aarons. I met Sidney at a dog training lecture and explained Marley's background and behaviour. After 4 private lessons with Marley interacting one on one with Sidney's highly trained dogs, Marley was ready for the big stage - Group lessons! With 6 other dogs in the class she handled it with style. She was healing, sitting and even taking food! She still has a long way to go but the improvement in just 5 sessions was extraordinary.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sidney Aarons for behavioural issues or any other dog training requirements. His professionalism and knowledge is second to none.

I'm currently training my Belgian Malinois, Arrow, for urban search and rescue, a highly demanding discipline which requires the dog to be focused, driven and sociable in order to find potential survivors of disaster events. Arrow is my first Malinois, and Sidney has been invaluable in providing ongoing and constant support in a range of aspects of his training. Sidney's knowledge of this specialist breed is phenomenal, not only does he have a thorough understanding of the genetics, but also of their traits, behaviour and drives, which he has successfully applied to ensure Arrow is a confident and effective search dog. I very much appreciate Sidney's generosity with his time, and whether its is brainstorming ideas or answering my infinite questions, he always offers a practical and sensible approach to guide my training further. I would highly recommend Sidney Aarons for dog training assistance with any breed, for any purpose.
Simply Astonishing' When I was looking for a dog trainer to help me with my dog, I had met a number of trainers, yet when I met Sidney I found his ability to communicate to not only my dog but with every dog I saw and their handlers and it was 'simply astonishing'.
"We have a dog aggressive dog that became that way after a dog attack. We did our research and found a behaviourist. We tried everything they said and after 3 months realised they used a standard method for all dogs which unfortunately didn't help our dog. We then heard about Sidney Aarons from a family member, so we went and watched him training to make sure his training methods were something that we were happy with. Sidney took the time to listen why our dog had become "dog aggressive" and the lessons went ahead based on this information. After a few private lessons our dog was ready to move on to group lessons and her behaviour around other dogs have improved dramatically. We also took our other young dog to training lessons with Sidney, as well as his behaviour improving we also now understood Sidney has a wonderful ability to judge individual dog's personalities and train them accordingly. Sidney knows that all dogs are not the same, so therefore different training methods are required for each personality. Sidney is highly talented and gifted at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

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Sidney offers private lessons at his 20 acre full time indoor/ outdoor training facility in Pearcedale.

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