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'Simply Astonishing'
When I was looking for a dog trainer to help me with my dog, I had met a number of trainers, yet when I met Sidney I found his ability to communicate to not only my dog but with every dog I saw and their handlers and it was 'simply astonishing'.

K Templeton


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  • Learn the 'art' of how to train a dog
  • Learn professional dog trainers secrets
  • Learn the correct way to socialise your dog
  • Learn how to make the most of each training session
  • Learn why common training techniques work at home but not out of the house!
  • Impress your friends and family with your beautifully behaved dog
  • Can you imagine being able to take your dog anywhere with confidence and pride?
  • There is a science to training dogs and there are a number of laws that govern the way dogs learn. Once you learn these laws, you also can achieve amazing results with your own dog
 Our new full time dog training center is now open in Pearcedale. We are opposite the RSPCA Peninsula shelter.
I have spent the last 18 years working with the very best trainers and behaviorists in Australia and the world, gaining a detailed understanding of the art of dog training. 
My experience has put me in an exceptional position to create a unique dog training system, offering you the advantage and value from all I have learned. I will show you how to build a healthy relationship with your dog and save you many hours of frustration.
You won't learn concepts that are untested and unproven. Everything I give you is scientifically proven to produce results - that is, more fun, more satisfying, more constructive and more rewarding!
In only a short amount of time we will be able to teach you how to master the 'art' of training your dog and how to fix or manage any behavioral problems you are having with your dog.

Why most dog training systems don't work:
Most trainers don't have a comprehensive understanding of how a dog's biology, physiology and psychology works and therefore, they also do not know the best way to make proper use of these functions.
We are all emotionally attached to our dogs and unfortunately some dog trainers will exploit this fact, manipulating these feelings in you to get you to train with them. Many will also give you an unrealistic picture of how they can train or 'fix' your dog and use methods which ultimately end up reinforcing your dogs unwanted habits rather than eliminating them. This is all with a dog that they don't have to live with!
While many dog owners view their best friend as a human this is a major mistake when training your dog or dealing with your dog's unwanted behaviour. Your dog thinks very differently from the way you do and without a clear and comprehensive understanding of this, dog training and behavior modification will simply not work.
A good and functional training system comes from a great deal of education and many years of experience!

Testimonial:Great facilities very professional and positive atmosphere very dedicated to his profession. Paul A
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I can guarantee that you will have a much better understanding of how your dog thinks and learns and only after a short amount of time. This is the most comprehensive training system available! I'm also available 6 days a week for any problems or questions that you may have about your dog.

Have you ever thought about having your dog professionally trained?


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My training system is so diverse that we can train any dog and deal with any behavioural problem. Not only will you learn obedience exercises but you will also learn tricks and complex exercises as seen on TV.

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Sidney teaching a clients dog to wave Sidney at the FBI Academy training with Police officer R Williams from Southern Pines Police department Nth Carolina Focused heeling in training



I am very lucky to own Mylo, a Golden Retriever, having done a puppy class with another group, I did not realize the damage that had been done, until I booked him into a 5 week boarding and train package with Sidney Aarons. The dog I picked up was totally different, for the better. Since then I have attended Sidney's obedience classes and incorporating some one-on-one training. Mylo is so excited at training to see Sidney, which shows he has a great connection with all dogs, secondly the staff that assist with the training facilities. It is interesting to note that several of the puppies who were with Mylo at his old puppy class are now training with Sidney. I have no hesitation in recommending Sidney Aarons to anyone considering having a dog trained, and also taking training classes with your dog. Well done.

Peter H - Wonga Park.