My Dog Gets Plenty of Exercise, But is Still So Hyper Around the House. What Do I Do?


Many people think that exercise is all a dog needs in order to quieten down, but this isn’t true…

While exercise stimulates your dog physically, you still need to provide your dog with mental stimulation. This will keep their brain challenged, preventing them from getting bored and minimizing any destructive behavior.

Wondering how to mentally stimulate your dog?

Try an interactive dog toy. You could also try creating your own brain games for your pup, in the form of a treasure hunt, hide and seek, or anything similar. Trick training is another great way to keep a dog mentally stimulated, no matter their age.

Don’t forget to also take a look at the food you are feeding your dog…

Some commercial foods contain numerous additives that can contribute to hyperactivity. Ideally, opt for something as natural as possible.