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My obsession with dogs started when I was 7 years old. My father was taking care of a litter of one week old German Shorthair Pointer puppies and their mother for another family whilst they were on holiday. During this time my sister and I helped out by cleaning and playing with the pups and their mum so naturally, we became very attached to them and couldn't imagine our lives without dogs. Unfortunately holidays always come to end and we were told that the family would be picking up the pups and their mum - my father knew I would be devastated as I had spent most of my time with the pups and he asked if I would like to keep one of them - of course, I jumped at the chance to have my very first dog. I named her Bronlea as her mother’s name was Bronya- a pretty little girl that was brown and white in colour, dad told one of the conditions to having dog was it had to be female which didn't make any difference to me, there were 3 girls and 4 boys Bronlea was the smallest but she was the most playful and the cutest(I still remember after all these years) she was so sweet even as a pup she follows me around the house and when sat down she would curl up at my feet and sleep. As she grew she kept her sweet nature, she would sleep in my bed at night, we were inseparable and I miss her every day!


Dad and I would go to the local obedience school on Sunday mornings, however, it wasn't long before he preferred his sleep in and I was allowed to take her on my own. Bronlea and I were inseparable - she slept in my bed and sat at my feet during dinner, we would play chasey, hide and seek around the house and the back yard, I would take her to the park across the road and throw the ball for her which she loved. When we were having dinner she would lie at feet and I would pass her food, mostly the food I didn't want but once my parents realized what I was doing she would stay outside while we were eating yet I would save something for her. When I was 10 we signed up for our first obedience trial, we didn't do well but we had fun...she wasn't very good at sit stays so on the trial day we had to a group sit-stay so when we were instructed we told our dogs to stay and we walked away for about 30 feet and then turned around and she wasn't there and I looked down and there she was sitting right in front of me.

Not long after the trial, Bronlea started to collapse for some unknown reason and after a number of tests, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was lucky I was able to spend another 18 months with her until she passed. My experience with Bronlea was profound enough for me to know what I wanted to be when I grew up and it wasn't long before I pestered my father for another dog.


Along came Smudge - a male Boxer - like his owner, he was a troublemaker and a lot more willful than Bronlea but I loved him all the same. I taught him the basics, toilet training and obedience and he and I shared my bed too. We went to the same obedience school as I did Bronlea. As a teenager, I got into motorbikes and I spent less time taking Smudge with me however he was very much part of the family and was treated as such. When he was 12 Smudge developed a tumour and his health deteriorated very quickly. Sadly my poor old mate passed - I was 24 by then.

I missed not having a dog and soon after I bought a German Shepherd x English Staffordshire puppy that I named Paz. He was very naughty and would bark all night, pull clothes off the line and destroyed whatever he could get his teeth into. I was living in a share house so his behaviour did not go down well at all with my new housemates, not to mention the cost of replacing my housemate's bedding, clothing and shoes!

One evening, when I was telling my friend of my troubles with Paz, he suggested that I take him to a dog obedience class - I remember standing there and asking myself why didn't I think of that! I opened the Yellow pages and booked into an 'information session' at Australian Dog Training (ADT). This was the beginning of my future with dogs! I joined ADT as a client and owner of a naughty dog and a month after signed up to become a student dog trainer - this is where my life had a dramatic change and I went on to learn about canine behaviour and training.

 Once completing the course I went on to train with a number of people and have attended numerous seminars and courses and spent countless hours talking to trainers from all fields. I continue to learn and study and thanks to the internet it has allowed me to make contacts all over the world.


And really I stand on the shoulders of giants in the industry who have unselfishly given up the time for me their time and imparted their knowledge to help me become the trainer I have always needed to become and some of those people are; John MacDonald, Mark Murray, Randy Hare, Dr Robert Holmes, Steve Lindsay amongst many others! I cannot thank these people enough for all of their support over the years and it is something I will never forget. And because of these peoples support and my desire to learn and have gone to do the following.


  • Lectured for the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation)

  • Managed boarding kennels and training facilities

  • Live demonstrations at pet expos.

  • Multiple obedience schools

  • A  panel member at Monash University for PhD candidates in Canine behaviour

  • The resident dog trainer for Hound TV in seasons 1 and 2

  • 2010 Hound TV was nominated and won at the prestigious Antenna awards the Best Outdoor and Recreational TV show for season two.

  • In 2011 I trained 4 Police officers and 7 dogs for the Abu Dhabi Police department. 2 x dogs in currency detection 2 x dogs in arson investigation and detection and 3 x dogs in man trailing.

  • In June 2012 I travelled to the US to train with Randy Hare in scent detection for 2 weeks with the FBI Hostage rescue team, ATF and local Police departments at the FBI training facility Quantico, Virginia USA.

  • I have lectured and supplied trained dogs to the Australian Army Special Forces unit.

  • Have been one of the official consultants to the Victorian Police Dog Squad

  • Bred, trained and supplied dogs to the NSWPOL Tactical unit.

  • Trained and supplied dogs for Victorian prisons.

  • Producer, presenter, editor and writer of my first YouTube show Talking Dogs.

  • Inventor and manufacturer of the Scent Tube.

  • Professionally trained presenter

Sidney Aarons has been an ongoing inspiration for me. It is without question that in order to become exceptional at anything, we must invest our focus and surround ourselves with the exceptional people in that industry. I was privileged to experience working with various professional trainers throughout my studies and quickly identified Sidney to not only be truly exceptional in every facet of dog training and behaviour but also extremely patient and clear in instruction. I then chose to invest extensive time with Sidney throughout various training sessions and was fortunate to be exposed to obedience classes from puppy to Advanced level, scent detection, specialised behavioural and trick training. Throughout every session, it was evident that Sidney maintained a consistent and patient approach to the dogs, enabling their training to be conducted with fairness and enjoyment. With this, each of Sidney's clients were able to replicate his techniques and trusted his professionalism to work with them and their dogs in order to achieve outstanding results. Sidney's wealth of experience and constant drive to increase his own knowledge is complemented by his interest to continue the growth of the industry worldwide. For this reason, I am very excited to see where his journey is heading and continue learning from Sidney, as the world will benefit from all that he has to share.
Professional Dog Trainer. D.Schulz

My ongoing overwhelming curiosity in how dogs think and learn has to lead me to a lifelong desire to teach others what I have gathered over my lifetime of living and training dogs.

And in my career, I have trained many thousands of people and their dogs, yet at the same time, I was always seeking a better way not only to teach the dog but to teach the people who are looking for a better relationship with their dog.


After training all dogs of all sizes and of all breeds

  • All temperaments,

  • All behaviour problems,

  • Obedience exercises/trials

  • Herding

  • Sledding

  • Tricks

  • TV

  • Show

  • Deaf dogs

  • Assistance dogs

  • Tracking

  • Search and Rescue

  • Scent detection

  • Police

  • Military

  • Prisons etc.

It has put me in a position to develop not only a philosophy but an entire training system that can be explained in technically corrects terms and coupled with a detailed understanding of the dogs physiology, biology, neurology and therefore really understanding the symbiotic relationship we can have with the dog.


  • What I teach isn’t just a bunch of training techniques it’s Why, How and When!

  • It is up to us to learn how to show the dog where his advantage lies and doesn’t lie.

I have recently relocated to Yass in New South Wales where I currently live on a 5-acre property and now have the unique opportunity as it has always been a dream of mine and I’m super excited to run and facilitate my own Dog Trainers School here in the ACT.

I am currently working towards completing my Certificate 4 in Workplace training assessment in the effort to become RTO(Registered Training Organisation)

  • It is my goal to have all courses to a National Recognition standard and certification.

Yet in the meantime, I am now offering a whole host of courses, seminars, workshops as well as one on one tuition.

  • If I place the dog in a constant and a consistent state of learning he will learn no other way.

All courses are a 'certificate' course and may be able to receive RPL/ Recognition of prior learning in the future once my RTO is established.

So please check out my website and I hope to meet you at one of my events.

​My dog training philosophy is really quite simple and is my three rules that I live by

​One: I am always consistent

​Two: I am always fair

​Three: I always put the dog's welfare first

  • 1998 NDTF National Dog Trainers Federation certificate 3 in Canine behaviour and training.

  • 2005 NDTF National Dog Trainers Federation certificate 3 in Canine behaviour and training.

  • 2012 Randy Hare "On target scent detection certification" trained and certified with the FBI, ATF and local Police departments at the FBI training facility Quantico, Virginia. USA.

I went to Sidney after my wife googled him. Beau, our rescue 5 year old Border Collie X was diagnosed by the shelter as being deaf. Sid after 2 minutes put that theory to bed. We had one dog that had been taught to disregard all noises/sound. As he was misdiagnosed as being deaf, we had no history of any prior training. Sid has now prepared a dog for our family that has good 
obedience skills and seems a happier dog for it. Thanks Sid!


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​​Tel: 0475 890 194​


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