Boarding & Training Registration Form
Details of any medical, dietary.

Boarding Information


  1. All dog(s) must have current vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. Vaccination certificate to be provided with booking form.
  2. No dog will be accepted if it has ticks or any other contagious health issue when admitted for boarding or boarding/training.
  3. A 50% deposit is required to secure booking.
  4. All deposits are non-refundable if bookings are cancelled by the client.
  5. The balance owing is to be paid at the day of commencement of boarding or boarding/training.
  6. All bookings are charged by the calendar day.
  7. There is a minimum stay period of 14 days during the Christmas period and 7 days during the Easter period.
  8. Check in and check out dates and times are to be arranged with SAPDT when making the booking.
  9. The client acknowledges that if they are unable to collect their dog(s) at the allocated day and time they will contact SAPDT immediately to advise and will incur a further fee for an overnight stay.
  10. SAPDT will supply food for the duration of the dog(s) stay however if the dog(s) is on a specific diet, it is the client's responsibility to provide the dog(s) food to SAPDT.
  11. If the client's dog(s) requires medication SAPDT must be fully informed and provided the required medications.
  12. The client acknowledges that SAPDT is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to their dog(s), property or any third party and that the client is liable to cover any damage caused.
  13. In the unlikely event of an injury to the client's dog(s) during their stay, SAPDT will not be held accountable or responsible. SAPDT and its staff will ensure that correct measures are taken to prevent any injury to the client's dog(s) during their stay.
  14. In the event of an emergency the client hereby permits SAPDT to authorise any veterinary care deemed necessary and the client will be liable for any costs involved.
  15. SAPDT requires the client to disclose all information relating to their dog(s) i.e. information regarding behaviour issues, health issues and concerning recent events must be disclosed. The client agrees to disclose to SAPDT any danger or sensitivities their dog(s) may present and any situations that may provoke aggression in their dog(s).
  16. The client understands that attendance at a dog training session may pose some risk to themselves, members of their family, their guests and their dog(s) and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to themselves, their dog(s), and/or any minors attending a dog training session with them) incurred as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of SAPDT. If the client brings children(s) to the session, the client is responsible for the children(s) care and appropriate supervision.
  17. In consideration of the owner's participation in a dog training session(s) conducted by SAPDT or on behalf of SAPDT, the owner, on behalf of themselves, members of their family and any minors attending the dog training session(s) with them, waive, release, and agree to hold harmless SAPDT and any of its employees, volunteers, agents, insurers and successors from any and all causes of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries and damages of any kind which may be sustained by them or their dog(s) in connection with the dog training session. The client is responsible for damages caused by their dog(s) and/or family members.
  18. SAPDT reserves the right to alter rates at any time. Any changes will be reflected on the SAPDT website.
  19. SAPDT reserves the right to refuse any dog(s).