The Impulse Control Line. 25% off for two ICL's Free postage

The Impulse Control Line. 25% off for two ICL's Free postage

The Impulse Control line is the most modern dog training device today that can be fitted in seconds that any dog and any person can use immediatley.

It has been designed with both dog and handler in mind as it is extremely easy to fit and use.

They come in 10 different sizes so that we can cater for all sizes of dogs.

When deciding on the size of Impulse Line simply measure around the largest part of the dog head which is from the base of their ears to under the jaw and back around. 


Impulse Line review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Sidney Aarons Impulse Control Lines.

Light weight, well made and durable, this product is impressive. It come in a large number of sizes and operates smoothly and flawlessly if fitted correctly.

A long term user of slip leads this piece of equipment may well make me change my own personal equipment. I also had the opportunity to let a client try out the Impulse line and again their satisfaction with the way it worked on their dog was very high.

Trainers should really enjoy using this very cost effective, Australian made training tool. This company does not tend to sell dog training equipment but the Impulse line may well make me re think this situation.

In short if you haven't tried one of these Impulse control lines, I would highly recommend that you do, I have no doubt that you will be impressed with the quality of the product and how well it works.

Kindest Regards
Iain R Macdonald BAppSc (psych) MSc (animal behaviour)

Problems Solved N Solutions Found Pty Ltd
Animal Behaviour Consultants
Midland, WA, Australia


I’ve struggled with dogs pulling on the lead for years and have been dragged along multiple times by out of control dogs. As a foster carer, I’m always trying to teach new dogs that come into care to walk on a loose lead as quickly as possible to increase their chances of being successfully rehomed. After trialing almost every harness on the market and giving up, I found Sidney's Impulse Control Line to be easy to use and a very effective way to correct old habits and train dogs quickly. Couldn’t be happier with the results and am very comfortable recommending it to others.
Kristine Schilling
Labrador Rescue Foster Carer


Free postage to anywhere in the world.

Completely safe to use yet for the best results it would be recommended to be used with a structured training system.

Not to be used as a collar and only to used while either walking or training your dog.



Impulse lines measurements

Please make sure you measure the circumference of the widest part of the dogs head and refer to the inside diameter measurements for sizing. The outside diameter is for ordering.


Outside diameter             Inside diameter

45cm                                  22cm to 25cm

50cm                                  26cm to 31cm

55cm                                  32cm to 38cm

60cm                                  39cm to 44cm

65cm                                  45cm to 49cm

70cm                                  50cm to 53cm

75cm                                  54cm to 57.5cm

80cm                                  58cm to 61cm

85cm                                  62cm to 67cm

90cm                                  68cm to 72cm

    AU$40.00 Regular Price
    AU$30.00Sale Price
    The Impulse Line.

    I went to Sidney after my wife googled him. Beau, our rescue 5 year old Border Collie X was diagnosed by the shelter as being deaf. Sid after 2 minutes put that theory to bed. We had one dog that had been taught to disregard all noises/sound. As he was misdiagnosed as being deaf, we had no history of any prior training. Sid has now prepared a dog for our family that has good 
    obedience skills and seems a happier dog for it. Thanks Sid!


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