Beginner to advanced participants are welcome


Location : Forster
Dates: September 9th and 10th. 9am to 4pm
Working spot $295
Non-working spot $195

Nose works/ Scent detection seminar and workshop



Teaching a dog to use its nose in a functional way is incredibly fascinating.

  • Problem solving techniques.
  • How and when to introduce odour
    Ignoring distractions
  • Building drive
  • Creating strong passive and active indication
  • Correct searching behaviour
  • Correct handling techniques
  • Choosing the correct reward
  • Impulse control
  • Using scent detection to overcome behaviour problems
  • Selecting the correct training equipment

    Sidney originally learnt Scent Detection at the FBI training facility (Quantico) along side with FBI special agents, ATF, DEA and various police departments from around the USA for a full time 2 week course in 2011.

    Since then, Sidney has gone onto further his study and the development of his own professional detection system.

    After a lot of interest from his pet clients and other dog trainers, Sidney has put together simplified system that can be easily used by pet owners without all the expense and
    complexities that professionals use.

    This system can be and is used by pet owners and competitive dog owners.