Substance detection seminar

melbourne, Vic may 25,26 2019.

newcastle, nsw june 8,9 2019.


Do you want to learn Professional Scent Detection?


What would it mean to you to be able to overcome any problem while training any dog in detection?


Scent detection is the fastest growing area in Professional Dog Training, and it is the future for Professional Dog Trainers.


This revolutionary hybrid training system will not only dramatically deepen your understanding, but it will improve your dog training skills.

That will also make for extremely confident, focused detection dogs.


This scent detection system is part of my “Straight Line System” as it eliminates all errors on the trainers/handlers behalf making it a smooth and an almost effortless learning curve.

  • That is free of long-winded explanations

  • No confusing industry jargon or terminology


These seminars are designed to give you a real inside perspective at the most modern detection training model available anywhere in the world.


Sidney's wealth of experience and constant drive to increase his knowledge is complemented by his interest to continue the growth of the industry worldwide. For this reason, I am very excited to see where his journey is heading and keep learning from Sidney, as the world will benefit from all that he has to share.
Professional Dog Trainer. D.Schulz


Dog trainers with any level of experience are welcome to attend.


This seminar will consist of the following.


Saturdays 9am to 4pm

  • An in depth comparison between traditional detection methods and this system

Morning tea

  • How to teach "The Game" and correct handling techniques

  • How to correctly select dogs for detection work


  • How to manipulate a dogs opposition reflex (fight drive) to create positive association to target odour (theory and practical)

Afternoon tea

  •   How to teach the dog to ignore distractions by utilising the reward

Sundays 9am to 4pm

  • Selecting and raising young dogs for detection

Morning tea

  • A comprehensive demonstration, explanation of how the Scent Tubes work and the advantages of them over any other mechanisms.


  • How to move the dog away from the Tubes to real world application

Afternoon tea

  • Q&A and certificate presentation

These seminars are highly interactive, so you will be able to test-drive the equipment as well as train the dogs.


My seminars are a prelude to Government certified Substance detection courses that will be conducted later this year. 


Bonus FB group support page for seminar attendees only as this page will provide up to date information to upcoming seminars and courses. Training tips and exercises that will be explained and demonstrated. Plus members of this group will be given preference to any future courses and instructional materials, i.e. videos, etc. 

registration closes may 10, 2019.

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Early bird registration is available until April 20, 2019. So save yourself $50 per person.

I went to Sidney after my wife googled him. Beau, our rescue 5 year old Border Collie X was diagnosed by the shelter as being deaf. Sid after 2 minutes put that theory to bed. We had one dog that had been taught to disregard all noises/sound. As he was misdiagnosed as being deaf, we had no history of any prior training. Sid has now prepared a dog for our family that has good 
obedience skills and seems a happier dog for it. Thanks Sid!


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