Sonny the Golden Retriever                    [EP1]

Sonny the Golden Retriever


Talking Dogs [EP3]
Antenna awards acceptance speech for being awarded best Outdoor and recreational TV show on community TV.

A little bit of training with my boys

Tips on making dog training easier

Sonny the Golden Retriever                       [EP2]

Talking Dogs [EP1]
Talking Dogs [EP2]

The Scent Tube system

Distraction proofing with Logan

How to stop your dog jumping on you

I went to Sidney after my wife googled him. Beau, our rescue 5 year old Border Collie X was diagnosed by the shelter as being deaf. Sid after 2 minutes put that theory to bed. We had one dog that had been taught to disregard all noises/sound. As he was misdiagnosed as being deaf, we had no history of any prior training. Sid has now prepared a dog for our family that has good 
obedience skills and seems a happier dog for it. Thanks Sid!


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