Walk and train

Have your dog walked and trained              all at the same time

                                             Don't have time to walk and train your dog?

Are you having behaviour problems with your dog?

  • Jumping?

  • Pulling on leash?

  • Aggression?

  • Nuisance barking?

  • Destructive behaviour?

  • Timidity?

  • Fearful related behaviours?

  • Separation issues?

  • Reactive to other dogs?

  • Not coming when called?

I am offering a come to you, service to where I will walk and train your dog as often as you would like. (Monday to Friday)


I'm an expert in canine behaviour modification using the most modern canine applied psychology, utilising 21 years as having trained thousands of dogs for private and government agencies. 

My methods are straight forward are guarantee immediate results to even the most troubled dog.


Sidney is one of the best in the business. He is a wealth of information! Not only is he training your dog but he is training you also. I never realized my actions would reflect on my dog. Sidney has taught Dakota a lot in a short amount of time. For a dog who was on a gentle leader and couldn't walk on a lead to being able to walk by my side. We couldn't recommend Sidney enough.

Jessie Ann


How long is each lesson/walk?  

Each session is 30 minutes

What will my dog learn in each session?

Each session is tailored to suit your dog, your requirements and also I may find some behaviour issues that need addressing but I will discuss these issues with you before going ahead with the training. Generally, I will start basic obedience exercises ie; walking on the leash and stay behaviours.


Sidney is a pleasure to work with and is extremely efficient! Two hours over a month or so doing the walk and train and my male pitbull (if you have a pitty, I am sure you can understand how stubborn/hard-headed the breed can be)
can officially go for a walk without having a total meltdown. He walks next to us with minimal pulling - which is easily corrected with Sidney's handmade leash. He no longer pulls us down stairs. He is a different dog when going for a stroll. Thank you so much! Can't wait to get Sidney back to work on appropriate interactions with other dogs. Maddie Rain.

What training methods are used to change my dogs' behaviour?

I always follow the LIMA principles, least intrusive and minimally aversive so, in other words, the methods that are used to change and teach your dogs behaviour are not psychologically intrusive nor are they harsh in any way. To be an effective trainer I need your dog to trust and bond to me as quickly as possible to get the best results.

In short, my methods are extremely structured to ensure zero confusion and to maximise each training session.


Sidney Aarons is a professional in all sense of the word. His unique system of dog training in obedience and behavioural management has given my dog the proper discipline he needed. I am now able to comfortably take my dog everywhere knowing he will listen to my commands and not be disruptive and unattentive.

Rosetta Luca

How do I learn what my dog has been taught?

You will receive one 30 minute lesson for every 4th session your dog gets. I will contact you to organise the appointment.


What are the costs? The more you buy upfront the more you save.

  • 1 x walk and train= $50.00

  • 2 x walk and train= $95.00

  • 4 x walk and train= $190.00

  • 8 x walk and train= $380.00

  • 10 x walk and train=$470.00

How do I book or get more information?

Contact me directly on 0475 890 194

I went to Sidney after my wife googled him. Beau, our rescue 5 year old Border Collie X was diagnosed by the shelter as being deaf. Sid after 2 minutes put that theory to bed. We had one dog that had been taught to disregard all noises/sound. As he was misdiagnosed as being deaf, we had no history of any prior training. Sid has now prepared a dog for our family that has good 
obedience skills and seems a happier dog for it. Thanks Sid!


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